Simon (b. 1993, Nijmegen) is an independent director and writer for films, commercials, and music videos with a background in fine arts.

He received his BFA with Honors from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (2016). Afterwards, he started his career as a filmmaker, where he started with short fiction films and music videos for artists like Froukje, S10 and Wende Snijders. In 2021, he began working as an independent film director and writer.

In his work, he uses his fascination for the unexpected and perverse. In his stories, he focuses on what drives us. Can those drives be unproductive? Like the urge to smell yoghurt that is past its expiration date. Or the uncontrollable urge to jump when standing on top of a high building. Most stories are populated by women who follow these destructive urges but experience them as liberating.

He tells his stories in a visually matter-of-fact way that enhances the absurdity and idiosyncrasies of daily life.