A man without name tries to remain unscathed in an absurd world ruled by cruelty and miscommunication. His self-imposed sense of victimhood hampers his attempts to reach out to a nameless woman in his life. When he realises this woman uses his apathy to abuse him, something snaps. Men Discussing Their Feelings in an Emotionally Healthy Way is a dormant and stiff portrait that plays with expectations and exteriors. This part calvinistic black comedy and part Punch-and-Judy-Show tragedy offers frosty dialogue and disorderly gallows comedy with a near theatrical tone.
AltFF - Alternative Film Festival Toronto - Best Cinematography / Best Cast Competition 
Netherlands, September 2020 -  Finalist Best Cinematography - Winner Best Cast
12th Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen - Gelders Kort Competition
Netherlands, September 2020
Cannes International Independent Film Festival - Official Selection Student Short Film
France, September 2020
39th NFF - Netherlands FIlm Festival - Short Film Selection
Netherlands, September 2019
23th VERS Film Festival - Official Selection
Netherlands, December 2019
14th TiSFF - Thessaloniki's International Short Film Festival - Cinematic Achievement Awards
Greece, October 2020
14th TiSFF - Prague Film Festival- Cinematic Achievement Awards
Czech Republic, January 2021 - Winner Best Director
Athens Marathon International Short Film Festival - Official Selection
Greece, June 2020
5th ARFF International Film Festival - Student Film Competition
Netherlands, October 2020 - Best Student Film, Netherlands 
Short to the Point Film Festival - Student Short Competition
Romania, January 2020 - Finalist Best Student Short
 Matthijs van de Sannde Bakhuyzen, Hannah van Lunteren, Minne Koole, Matti Stooker
Director: Simon Becks, Cas Mulder
Writer: Simon Becks
Production Company: Flrscnt
Producer: Maarten Valstar 
DOP: Jim Stuurman
Production Designer: Johnny Theodorus Wiekhart
Editor: Maarten Valstar
Composer: Sebastiaan Bax, Jaap Velenturf
VFX: Stefan Beekhuizen, NVX
Casting: Borgman & Augustinus
Co-producer: Rosa van Iterson
Choreography: Sigrid van Coillie
1st AC: Lars Inhulsen
Set Sound: Suzan van Eck, Martijn Scholte, Ruud Bauwma
Still Photohgraphy: Johny Mae Hauser-Wiekhart