Froukje ft S10 - Zonder Gezicht

In the video clip Zonder Gezicht, the viewer is taken on a fragmented journey away from civilization.
The rapid, near disorienting montage mirrors the world experienced by the youthful group of outsiders, in search of unlimited freedom. Accompanied by a robot dog as a companion, the group travels in a world that could be a possible vision of a future.  What is it the group is fleeing from, and where are they headed?
42th NFF - Netherlands Film Festival - Best Music Video Competition
Runner Up Jury Prize -Netherlands, September 2022

Edison Pop - 2023 - Best Music Video
- Netherlands, March 2023

Cast: Froukje Veenstra, Stien den Hollander, Belle Bircan, Charles Pas, Thibaud Dooms
Director: Simon Becks, Cas Mulder
Producer: Cecile Neeteson - Het Buro 
Production Manager: Shanya Valies 
D.O.P: Tjerk Muilwijk 
Focus Puller: Ralph van de Weijer 
Art Director: Kotryna Buruckaite 
Assistant Art: Delfin Tuna 
Stylist: Imre van Schooneveld 
MUA: Minx IJzer 
Editor: Stan Vriend 
Titel Design: Studio Pieter Jan Boterhoek 
Grading: Erik Verhulst 
PA’s: Duran Singelenberg, Maxime van de Voort 
Set Photography: Ruby Dijt